Man Doing Pushup


Here at Kasozi Wellness we specialise in physical wellness programs,
designed for businesses and organisations to help keep their workforce fit and healthy,
thus having a healthier and happier workforce operating at an optimum level.

We also provide personal individual wellness subscription plans,
whether you are self employed or an employee at an organisation.

We are the UK’s only company to provide such a service.

*Our wellness programs are especially ideal if you have a large manual handling workforce.*

The Kasozi Wellness programs are designed to

Improve, Monitor and Maintain
the overall physical health and well being
of an organisation’s employees.

Not only do we provide a professional service which will enable
an organisation to have an insight into the physical health
and well-being of its staff, our wellness programs are a key and vital step to
reducing absence and sickness costs, particularly in musculoskeletal injuries.