Manual Handling Wear & Tear??

Hey guys! Back again with our second blog post!

As halloween draws closer, I figured it’s only fitting to talk about what should (if it already hasn’t) put some fear in anyone who partakes in a manual handling role.

The topic of this week is the overlooked danger of the general wear and tear of a manual handling role. Now obviously if you work a high activity job like a demolition labourer or fire fighter, something a-bit more than wear and tear is expected and there is a general sense of awareness in regards to physical well-being and muscle rehabilitation.

However! if you work what is considered a low impact role such as a delivery/courier driver, picker and packer, a cleaner, a chef or even a simple admin desk role, it may seem unlikely that your job is putting a strain on your body, which if not addressed, could become a major problem later on in life and may impact your quality of life negatively.

So whether it’s being hunched over a computer desk, having to carry a large package sideways up the stairs because it’s the safest way to carry it or maybe it could be sitting for long periods of time because you are a lorry driver and as if that’s not enough, your body STILL won’t like you standing too much either in your picking and packing job.

All these little movements repeated daily over our working lives will take a physical toll on our joints and muscles!

So what’s the solution??


We must find a balance, if we can’t find a way to equally be active and get adequate rest OR not put our lower back at risk because the physical composition of the item we are handling doesn’t quite work with the manual handling techniques taught to us within our job role, then we must rehabilitate the body physically to help minimise the damage the body has been put through throughout the working day.

The purpose of this post isn’t to actually scare anyone, however we at Kasozi Wellness hope it has at the very least instilled some caution in you.

The chances are if you have consistently worked in a manual handling role for at least a year then your body has likely already started to experience the wear and tear, that will inevitably result in bad posture, damaged/weak lower back, upper and lower limb injuries etc. the list goes on.

Make time for your health before you are forced to dedicate ALL of your time to maintaining your health!

Happy Halloween!

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